It is summer .

It is summer .... It's hot. It makes me want to go to the pool and the sea when it is hot. Since I live in ""Inland"" where there is no sea in the neighborhood, I am longing for the sound ""Sea"" more so. Although there are various seas even if saying ""the sea"", in the ocean I experienced in the past, what remains in the impression in Dantets is ""the sea of ??Okinawa."" That was certainly the summer of my second year students. I traveled to Okinawa by airplane with my circle 's colleagues. Shyly, that time was ""the first experience of the plane"" I. Okinawa arrived soon after arriving without cooling the excitement of the first flight. It was sunny on that day, the sun of summer was shining. I felt the intensity of the sun different from Honshu in the shade density that the sun makes. Arrived at the reserved hotel, and immediately to the beach in front of you. Okinawa's blue sea which I have been watching over and over on television. Impression that I witnessed it. It was really transparent and beautiful, and small fish were swimming at feet, and this was another world from the Honshu black ocean. On that day, it is all day sea at sea. The beauty of the beach where the evening sun sets. The freshness of the sea breeze was just like a resort in the movie. While traveling, I went to the aquarium, toured Shuri Castle, experience of indigo dyeing, and so much more, but the most impressive thing was the emerald green ocean and the intense Sunlight, it was a refreshing sea breeze. Then, too much burning on a sunny day, the tenderly back pain is now a good memory.