I am surprised when I recall.

I am surprised when I recall. Why ... I went to Okinawa for about 20 years ago. The southern region is warm and has an open image. The first sea was blue. The sand beach is white. It is perfect for youth! It is! It is! Okinawa traveling as a senior employee traveling with a company with a business partner was awesome. What I can not forget was to talk about on the beach. And overnight ... I forgot the content but as the morning sun came out, everyone went back to each room with Kossori The good members did not have to go to sleep on that day's tour. Bus movement was always asleep. It is a waste if I think now. Awamori drunk for the first time, goya champuru who ate for the first time, delicious seafood fortune. I still remember clearly the landscape of Okinawa where unique residences lined up. From now on I have also increased acquaintances from Okinawa. Last year I got a sea grape, ""Puccinated texture"" became a habit. Twenty years ago, I just saw a small portion of Okinawa. I would like to go on a trip again when I remember a lot of places I would like to see yet.